Storify: A platform for story success?

In a social media environment where millions of ideas, opinions and general reactions to the latest breaking news story are thrown out at the same time on platforms such as Twitter, it can sometimes be rather difficult to keep up with all the goings on. This is where content curation manages to  capture a wide range of social media snippets and bring them across-platforms together in a single article to create a new story clearly laying out numerous people’s activities on the internet.

In an article on the website Poynter, five types of stories were listed as having the biggest impact on the Storify site. Included in this list were coverage on social movements, breaking news, internet memes, reaction stories/highlighting conversations and extreme weather instances.

When using Storify myself, I mainly used it to look at the reaction of numerous personalities involved in, or covering the news to create a narrative in response to a new story I had found online. By being able to pull content from a wide range of the main social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Plus, you are able to gather a larger insight for readers, with multi-platform content creating a more interactive interface for a news story.

Another interesting feature due to its connectivity to different social media platforms is involved in the publishing of a Storify story. If you have used someone’s tweet in the story, you then have the option of notifying that person upon publication that their thought, tweet or message has been included in a story by directly tweeting them the link. This therefore allows further publicity to the story, allowing more views and larger audience.

The website Contently comments that the platform manages to make the most of secondary sources from anyone to create a narrative which never fails to attribute credit to those sources from which the story is created; everything is linked together to mean that with just a click a Storify reader can find the original source on the original sight.

The fact that the platform is multi-dimensional in terms of the media it is able to show is extremely useful for publishers and its integration of varying platforms means ease of use is ever-present. For me, it allowed a great deal of flexibility when creating stories involving interaction over multiple platforms and was then easy for me to tweet to my followers in one succinct, informative yet very interactive story.


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