Tweeting to success on Twitter

Having spent a year on a work placement posting from the Twitter profile of the UK’s largest sports charity, The Football Foundation, I was able to build a greater understanding of the importance of using Twitter to promote brand awareness, promoting content, driving up traffic to articles, getting instant feedback from our followers and keeping up with the latest news and information from our specific field of grassroots football.

I found the benefits of social media blogging to be vast, and with increased analytics recently introduced by Twitter themselves, an in-depth analytical eye can be cast upon how tweets are being received and interacted with by followers, how your followers are being gained and lost, where your largest audience demographics are based and what your most popular posts are.

By being able to view these statistics, a business, charity, blogger or journalist can easily navigate through what audiences want to engage with, and therefore lends a helping hand to content creators to mould their social media pages into something that people wish to keep up to date with and ‘follow’.

As a result of its huge reach and popularity, Twitter is used by most organisations who have things to say or news to share, as well as big name celebrities seeking to keep in contact with their fans and expand their own professional profile. This instant and direct access to organisation pages and high profile figures in the world can be used to extreme advantage thanks to the Retweet and sharing options on the site; if an organisation or well-known person sees you tweet them and likes what you say, you may have immediately expanded your reach on the site by receiving a Retweeted endorsement from them and therefore gain exclusive access to their followers’ timelines as well as greater exposure to whatever you have to say.

It is a great tool to instantly keep informed with the latest news and put your own opinion forward on current events, starting trends and widening your own views on topics by reading millions of micro-blogs from people across the globe with differing perspectives. Mini-debates and discussions are often had, and thanks to the text-based format of the site, it can surely only be a good thing that people will have no option but to improve their argument rather than simply raising their voice.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” – Desmond Tutu

Importantly though, by simply tweeting interesting content with relatable hashtags, interacting with those you follow, and building a relationship with your current followers by engaging with them as much as possible, a Twitter user will always be able to gain a solid follower base that will last.


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