Slogans and Press Coverage: Important for Political Campaigns like Bernie Sanders’ (above)

To be elected as President of the United States of America, a great deal of people need to vote for you. For a great deal of people to vote for you, they need to know who you are. For them to know who you are, you need to somehow force your way into their everyday consciousness, and make them aware of your existence. What better way, then, than to leave an unmistakable and memorable slogan imprinted on their minds.

As we take the first steps into 2016, the race to become President of the US is hotting up, and with elections due in November, the slogans and sound bites from keen candidates are riding strongly across the eyes and through the minds of the general public.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, whose left leaning political ideas would be a big shift for America at the current time has gone for the appropriate “A Political Revolution is Coming” and the impressive chant of “Feel The Bern” which is repeated loudly at his rallies by his supporters. This sort of thing helps to get the slogans on the news and into the papers, online and in the public consciousness for the buzz surrounding the candidate to grow, and awareness of the message he voices out in the public.

While Sanders’ slogan seems effective and popular among his supporters, it seems the news coverage on the Vermont Senator is not benefiting as a result. A news report at the end of 2015 stated that from January 1st through to the end of November, he received a total of 10 US network television minutes on CBS, NBC and ABC, whilst his Republican opponent, Donald Trump amassed a very impressive 234 minutes of coverage. 

Trump’s divisive rhetoric, purposefully controversial interviews and soaring popularity among what he calls a “silent majority” have meant coverage rates for him have been through the roof. It has led to his slogan of “Make America Great Again”  being a very prominent few words in the news, at his rallies and on apparel he wears and sells. The oft repeated phrase in his speeches means one would find it hard to avoid such a slogan in the American political sphere in the current climate.

The Sanders campaign has pointed out themselves in a press release that the press coverage for Trump is unfairly outweighing Sanders’ own coverage, especially considering how similar the two are in terms of the support they have drawn among primary voters inside their respective parties.

The latest polls state that Trump holds 34 points among Republican support while Sanders has 39 points among the Democrats, showing quite clearly that despite the impressive support for Sanders, his coverage in the media has been significantly lower. Indeed it might be suggested that a lot of the coverage for Trump has been negative and therefore unhelpful to his campaign, but the very fact that his presence on the television, in the papers and online, with his slogan constantly being repeated and imprinted on voters minds means more and more people will be seeing and hearing his ideas, and perhaps be more inclined to vote for him over someone like Sanders with less slogan exposure and of course coverage in general.


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